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Founding Member FAQ

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Who can be a founding member?

Anyone directly involved in research who has unpublished data or unused samples to share.

  • Research scientists in academia, government, or industry
  • Tenure and non-tenure track faculty
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Graduate Students
  • Lab managers
Why become a founding member?
  • Get access to paid features for free!
  • Be first in line for the resources to take your research to the next level
  • Get a founder's badge on your profile - let others know that you helped shape a major movement in science!
Do I need my PI's permission?

Talk to them first, but let them know it's built in!  LabPair was designed with busy principal investigators (PIs) in mind.  Laboratory employees create posts for unused resources and send them to their PI for approval using an easy one-click approval email.   PIs don't have to be LabPair members to use this system. Each researcher's profile details their position and their PI (if applicable).

What happens to my information?

Your information will be visible to other researchers who sign up for LabPair.  We will use your profile, posts, and feedback to help our software catalogue, match, retrieve, and assemble information on our network.    You always have full control over your information and you can remove it at any time.  

What do I do?

We need researchers to help establish the LabPair network and provide scientific and user experience feedback.  All you have to do is make a profile, create a post advertising unpublished data or unused samples that you would like to share, and tell us what you think through a short online survey.  If LabPair helps you find a great collaborator, tell us about it! The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

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Rules and Requirements
  • In order to receive a limited time membership license, founders must complete their profile and a feedback survey, which can be accessed on the platform.
  • LabPair is not a repository. The exchange of data/samples is the shared responsibility of the collaborators.
  • Just like dating, we can not guarantee the perfect match; however, we provide tools to help you assess trustworthiness, integrity, and fit. We also collect information on design and methodology to help you assess the rigor and reproducibility of resources prior to reaching out for more information.
  • LabPair only accepts posts for research that is HIPAA-complaint and IRB-approved

Okay. Let's do this!