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What we do

The Problem:

Research is hard, but publication bottlenecks and inefficiency make it even harder.


Scientific research is the cornerstone of modern society. Despite this progress, research is plagued by systematic issues that cause extensive inefficiency and waste. This exacerbates another problem that many researchers face: the intense pressure to “publish or perish.”  Ironically, many stressed out scientists possess a rich cache of resources that they could use to increase the quantity and quality of their publications. These resources take the form of unpublished data, unused samples, and specialized skills.

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The Solution:

Increase the efficiency of research through publication driven match-making


Conventional research approaches are inherently inefficient, as only a fraction of scientists’ resources are directly used to generate publications. Through a process called publication-driven matchmaking, LabPair helps scientists leverage ALL of their resources to generate publications, even negative data. We connect members of the scientific community by matching researchers who have underutilized resources with other researchers who are in need of those resources. These new found collaborations make use of data, samples, and skills that otherwise may go to waste.

Why should scientists use LabPair?

Save Time and Money

Worried about the time or expense associated with an experiment? Find a collaborator who has already performed the experiment and has unpublished data or extra samples they are willing to share. When acquiring new experimental techniques, don't waste time and money floundering. Find an expert to help troubleshoot or perform the experiment for you in exchange for co-authorship or fees.

Increase the quantity and quality of your publications

Get the samples, data, or expertise you need to get your research published faster or increase the impact of your publications.

Think outside of the box

Find novel, creative, transdisciplinary applications for your research.

Do well by doing good

Reduce adverse social, ethical, and environmental issues associated with scientific research.

[ Eliminate the silo effect ]

Designed for virtually any type of research

What can I share on LabPair?


Experimental or observational data ranging in complexity from single to multiple data sets


Any type of specimen.  Examples include clinical samples, preserved or viable organisms, field specimens, environmental samples, etc. 


Any type of expertise, technique, instrumentation, or skill that can be shared in exchange for co-authorship or fees

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