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The Problem:

Research is hard, but inefficiency and publication bottlenecks make it even harder.

Scientific research has produced a multitude of amazing discoveries that serve as the health, nutritional, and technological cornerstones of modern society. Despite this progress, research is plagued by systematic issues that cause extensive inefficiency, waste, and antagonistic working environments for researchers. Many of these issues stem from bottlenecks in the publication process, which is how many scientists release their work to the public, build their careers, and establish their reputations. Unfortunately, publishing is getting harder due to lack of research funding, intense competition, and rising publication standards. 

The LabPair Solution:

Work smarter, not harder.

Conventional research approaches are inherently inefficient, as only a fraction of scientists’ resources are directly used to generate publications (the tip of the iceberg).  Ironically, many stressed out scientists possess ample resources that they could be using, but aren’t. These resources take the form of unpublished data, unused samples, and specialized skills.  LabPair helps scientists turn these underutilized assets into additional publications using the power of artificial intelligence and digital networking.  This helps researchers:

  • Save time and money
  • Publish faster and more often
  • Increase the impact of their research

[ Most scientists only use a fraction of their potential resources ]

LabPair is launching in 2023

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